Toward a cooperative

The idea of Connected that we support each other as newcomers over an extended period of time. Of course, participants can always choose to go their own way. But we want to make our community so attractive that you probably want to stay.

We focus on the themes that offer special opportunities to entrepreneurial newcomers. And we want to strengthen ourselves in areas where we are particularly vulnerable.

Trust as a foundation
As a newcomer, you are going to reinvent your way. It is so important then that you can build on some people around you. In the role of a buddy who stands beside you and can show you the way. And which can give you self-confidence in a new society, whose language and (informal) rules you do not yet fully know. Especially for newcomers, such a community is important.

A supportive community

Connected aims to provide a space where people can share skills and knowledge within a community that supports you.

We provide a space where everyone is welcome to participate equally in sharing knowledge, skills and personal experiences. Our core belief is that every person is valued and essential in society. Our goal is to build bridges to connect people from different backgrounds to empower themselves and each other.

By providing a safe space, we can create a community that has a lasting impact in Nijmegen. The purpose of this space is for support to come from the community. We want to break down barriers related to rules and short-sightedness so that everyone has the opportunity to find their own voice and play an active role in society.